Fall 2016


I want you to know that something new is happening at Charge Conference in 2016.  On Sunday, November 13, all the churches in the North Central District will gather at Christ UMC in Plano (Parker at Custer Road) for a Celebration Conference.  I hope you will plan to be there representing Good Shepherd UMC for this important gaathering.  Our church certainly has much to celebrate! 
I am sending you the Report of the Pastor that I have submitted to Dr. Ron Henderson, our District Superintendent.  I do believe that Good Shepherd UMC is an extraordinary church that is indeed breaking the mold of the small church.  Our surge of spirit begins with the warmth of your welcome that incorporates guests into valued friends.  But the sustaining momentum taking our church into God’s future is grounded in the way we are embracing
our call into face-to-face, relationship-based ministry in our community.
Thank you for your commitment to children and mission as we become a church where “every life matters and love works.”
I hope you will join me on November 13 from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at Christ UMC, Plano as we praise God from whom all blessings flow at Charge Conference.


Relationship Based Missions
  • One + One Mentoring/Tutoring at Harper Elementary School in Princeton ISD (since 2014)
  • Scholarships for 5TH grade Science Camp students at Harper Elementary in Princeton
    ISD. ($900)
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) program in Princeton, TX (since 2014)
  • Project Transformation Partner Church (with Waples UMC in Denison, $2000/yr)
  • Cockrell Hill UMC New Church Start Partner Church($2,400/year, $200/month)
  • Panama Missionaries (Cindy and David Ceballos) ($2,400/year, $200/month)
  • Family Promise of Collin County – Good Shepherd UMC provides their day center, as well up to $4,200 per year for electricity and their water bill
  • Vacation Bible School nightly community meals ($500.00)
  • Vacation Bible School Mission ($250.00)
  • Bed Start Veterans Project ($1,200)
  • UMC Special Sundays and
    Disaster Relief ($1,500)
  • Charter for Boy Scout Troup 358
  • Change the World Participants

2016 Fall ESL


Good Shepherd UMC has a membership of 89, with 93 regular attendees.

Attendance: 70% attend at least two times a month. 
                          33.3% attend three or more times a month.

In the past year, 32 new people started attending Good Shepherd UMC, represented by 9 family units,
4 individuals, and 10 children.

80% of the new families have been attending
more than 3 Sundays a month.

Good Shepherd UMC’s Children’s Sunday School/Children’s Church has grown from 6 in the fall of 2015 to
16 in September, 2016.

In October, 2016, two new children’s Sunday School classes were formed along with a new adult Sunday School class.

  OCTOBER 2016

Good Shepherd UMC’s operating fund income has increased from
$178,573.12 in 2013 to an estimated $192,788.99 in 2016.

In addition, in 2014 we added a pavilion through special givings in the amount of $27,000.

We had a Miracle Sunday on November 8, 2015, and raised $98,000 for new concrete parking lots for the east and west sides of the church.