125  Years of History
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Small group banded together with the earnest desire for spiritual growth, to search for God and help one another.

December 4, 1893


First Worship Service held in Winningkoff School House.  First Pastor appointed to Wylie Circuit four point charge of North Texas Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, South was Nathaniel Charles Little.

August 24, 1894

First Sunday School Class

July 6, 1895


Charge Conference instructs Trustees to purchase one acre property and raise money to build a church house.

April 22, 1896


First worship in white frame church known as Blythe Chapel Methodist Church at Winningkoff.  Building stood 24 years.



Second Church Building.

  •  Heated by pot-bellied coal stove.  No electricity and water came from well.  “Your feet never got warm in the winter, but there was warmth you could feel right down to the your very core – for you were among those who cared, who loved you and loved God.”

Pastor: Rev. W. W. Boyd









Access to the church was by horse and buggy on dirt roads.  After this era, people walked or took a risk of their car getting stuck in the mud.

  • In front of the church and to the left of the pulpit were a few pews that the same people sat in every Sunday.  The children called it the “Amen corner.”  As the important points of the sermon were sanctioned by “Amen!”
  • There were outside revival meetings each summer with several preachers.
  • Everyone drank well water from the same tin cup wiped out with a handkerchief without getting sick!

First Women’s Foreign Missionary Society (United Methodist Women



Remodeled with electricity and butane heat.


Blythe Chapel began to suffer with attendance dropping as surrounding areas developed.


Rev. Bob Middlebrooks, District Superintendent recommended the church relocate from its isolated location.

February 1967


Church building moved to four acres of land in Lucas, Texas and renamed to First Methodist Church Lucas

Pastor: Rev. Roy Anderson
  • The bridge on Winningkoff Road was too narrow making a detour necessary.  The church building was moved down through the creek bed and back up onto the road on the other side.  “This in a sense was more than a building moving up the hill; it was the church climbing to survive.”


Parsonage built and the first Pastor to reside there was Rev. D. C. Smith (1969-71)

1972-73, 74




Pastors: Tom C Fuller

Tom Dowring

Jerry Kunkel

Jacqueline Ponder

August 5, 1979

Groundbreaking for New Sanctuary

April 13, 1980


First Worship Service in New Sanctuary

Rev. Ron Adams (1979-1981)




Pastors: Steve Coffmman

Rev. Paul A Gould

Rev. Dr. Darrell P. Coats

August 1991

First classes held in New Education Wing

December 5, 1993


Celebrated 100 wonderful years of Ministry!  Velma Spurgin, lifelong member was Historian. She indicated the church outlook is one of faith, optimism and hope. It is this faith that we face the future and journey onward.


New Parsonage Built



Pastor: Richard Stark

Rev. Dr. Darrell Coats


Parsonage was converted for elementary and youth education and renamed “Awesome” building (Action in Worship Everlasting Service to Others Ministering to Everyone)

June 2006

Church Incorporated

January 1, 2007

Good Shepherd Learning Academy Opens

June 24, 2007

Church votes to change name to Good Shepherd United Methodist Church at Charge Conference. Name change ratified at 2008 Annual Conference

July 1, 2009-
June 30, 2013

Pastor: Rev. Nancy Sherman 

Fall 2009

First Circle Community Concert

December 2, 2009

First Blue Christmas Healing Worship Service

February 20, 2010

First Healing and Wholeness Worship Service

March 2010

Church branding logo approved and implemented.

Names of buildings changed to Worship Center, Children’s Center and Activity Center

March 23, 2010

First Taize Prayer Service


Capital Improvements included replacement of HVAC units, installed projectors, and motorized screen

Spring 2010

First UMW Spiritual Retreat

October 10, 2010


Burning of the Mortgage Worship Service through Velma Spurgin’s gracious bequest

December 2010

Partnership established with City of Lucas for Angel Tree

Spring 2011, 2012, 2013

GSUMC Crusader Relay for Life Team wins bronze award

May 12, 2012

Prayer Garden created by Prayer Ministry and implemented by Eagle Scout Lochlan Vaughn

July 1, 2012

Good Shepherd Preschool Closes

November 17, 2012

Winningkoff Collin County Historical Marker Dedication

February 21, 2013

First Grief Share

March 17, 2013

Partnership with Family Promise Worship Service Celebration

July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2017
Fall 2014 
December 21, 2014
Dec 2015-Jan 2016                   
Rev. Diane Presley joins Good Shepherd UMC
Start a permanent relationship with Harper Elementary in Princeton and provide mentors. Later start an ESL class for adults.

Pavilion Dedication

New Pavilion at Night

ParkingLot2015     ParkingLot2016
East and West Parking lots redone in  concrete.


July 1, 2017  
    Rev. Brian McPherson joins Good Shepherd UMC
Preparing for 125th celebration on December 9, 2018.