Our program for kids includes:

  • Acolytes during worship (light the candles or ring the bell for worship)
  • Easter Egg Hunt (in the spring)
  • Vacation Bible School (in the summer)
  • Blessing of the Backpacks (back to school in the fall)
  • Kids’ Christmas Festival  (Parent’s Shopping Day) First Saturday in December
  • Christmas Eve (3pm Family Service) with a focus on the kids _______________________ 

    • BLAST Logo-ColorThe Blast Zone represent the collection of age-appropriate activities every Sunday!    
    Color Sparks

    Little Sparks Sunday School    
    This class is for children ages 3-8.
    An age-appropriate Bible lesson is presented followed by an activity or craft that engages the kids and reinforces the bible story.  

    Mission Control Sunday School


    This class is for ages 9 +
    Kids discuss topics based on the weekly Bible lesson with open ended questions meant to spark conversation on faith, belief and truth.  


     Flares Bible Study

    This class is for ages 4+ and is during 10am worship service.  It uses the Deep Blue Curriculum which includes adventure, exciting stories, science experiments, arts and crafts, animated video storytelling, and active games-all combined into a living–faith experience that will help children discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ today!

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This shows a bit better how the kids mixed their frosting - look at their rainbow palettes!

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