Looking to 2019  (from Pastor Brian’s 2018 Merry Christmas Letter):
Next year promises to be a year of possibilities. What has God in store for Good Shepherd? 
I know changes are coming, not the least of which are new worship and Sunday school times (9:45 Sunday School, 11:00am Worship) and the process of moving toward building new spaces for the church. 
Imagine what God can do if we simply, faithfully allow for the possibility that God is leading us to a new future and deeper love for God and our neighbors.
Imagine what God will do if we believe that possibilities and growth are the very sign of God’s presence with us. 
After all, is that what the birth of Jesus is? A sign of love and the possibility of a different way to live as humans. I think next year promises to be that year of possibilities and hope if we remember the sign God gave, that a child, born in a backwater little village in the middle of nowhere could possibly change the world. After all, isn’t that what happened?.