My Spiritual Journey Reflections on Growing in Christ:
___I am experiencing more of the presence and power of God in my everyday life
___I am seeking to please God by surrendering every area of my life to him
                                                         (health, decisions, finances, relationships, future, …)
___I am accepting the things I cannot change and increasing my gratitude for my life
___I am investing my time with a person that can mentor me and/or
                                                          in another who needs to know Christ
___I am regularly attending church and inviting friends without a church home
___I am willing to share my real needs for prayer and support with others
___I am resolving conflict constructively and am willing to forgive others
___I am experiencing more of the characteristics of Jesus Christ in my life: 
                                                          love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, selfcontrol, etc.
___I am avoiding addictive behaviors (food, television, busyness, and the like) to meet my needs
___I am regularly praying for God to show me opportunities to serve him and others
___I have discovered and I am further developing my unique God-given gifts for ministry